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How a Couple Saved Time By Painting Their Nursery In One Coat

PPG Timeless One Coat* Paint helped a couple transform their nursery into a welcoming space featured on an episode of Designing Spaces

Fitting in time to paint a nursery may seem like a challenge when you are expecting a new addition to your family. With PPG Timeless Interior Paint + Primer, you can get a beautiful outcome in one coat*, saving you time.

Expectant parents, James and Justine Cappiello are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their baby girl, and they relied on the one coat* coverage of PPG Timeless Interior Paint + Primer  to transform their nursery into a welcoming space. On a recent episode of the award-winning home improvement show, Designing Spaces, the couple used PPG paint to achieve the look they wanted and were able to save time by using the one coat* product.

Choosing a color can be difficult, especially if you are new to painting. With PPG’s Color Visualizer, you can virtually paint a room to find your perfect color for your space. The couple featured on the episode searched for their perfect nursery color without visiting a paint store or lifting a brush. They found the Color Visualizer easy to use and loved the realistic color accuracy. With various color options available in an instant click, the couple landed on Almost Pink, a delicate, feminine color.

PPG Timeless Interior Paint + Primer is perfect for a nursery with its outstanding washability, scrubbability and stain resistance. It is the most wear resistant interior paint – meaning it can stand up to life’s messes! The episode emphasized that the most important step to a paint project is prepping. Be sure to lay down drop cloths, and tape off the baseboards. Fill in and repair any cracks or holes in the wall.

After preparing your space, add one coat of PPG Timeless Interior Paint + Primer to your wall. Please refer to the product label, Technical Data Sheet (TDS) and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for detailed safety and application instructions. Allow the paint to dry for one hour, and enjoy your new space!

The couple was amazed by how easy painting the nursery was, and in just one coat*. Since PPG Timeless paint is a one coat paint*, you can get your nursery painted faster, and have more time to prepare for your baby on the way.

To see the episode, view the video below:

To find the right color for your nursery project, please click the link below. 

Please refer to the product label, Technical Data Sheet (TDS) or Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for safety and detailed application instructions.

*One coat coverage only when tinted to colors specified for PPG Timeless Interior Paints.