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How To Paint A Bedroom

Updating Your Bedroom

Painting a bedroom is the simplest and easiest way to update the room that you spend so much time in. So it is vital to create a proper mood that enhances relaxation. Here is a bedroom painting guide that will help you with your bedroom paint project.

Select A Mood

First, think about the mood that you would like to set for the bedroom space. If you would like to create a relaxing space that feels inspired by nature select a color like Khaki Green or Dapper Tan. You can create a classic look with neutral colors like Neutral Wheat or Antique White.

Paint Selection

Selecting the right paint is another key to creating professional and long lasting results. Choose PPG Timeless Interior Paint + Primer, which includes a primer and the base coat. PPG Timeless Interior Paint + Primer is not only durable but creates a superb finish that will add instant beauty to your space.

Selecting The Right Sheen

Paint color is important. Paint quality is important. And selecting the appropriate sheen for your paint project is a decidedly important factor too. Flat paints lend an elegant look to a space and is a great look for the bedroom or dining room. Eggshell paints are more washable than a flat option and are perfect for areas like living rooms and bedrooms. Satin paints are even more washable and provide a great surface in any room. Semi-gloss will provide the best durability and are great for kid’s rooms, bathrooms and kitchens.

Paint Supplies Selection

Choosing the right paint supplies will get you up and painting without much hassle. The basic supplies required include several paint brushes, paint roller, paint roller tray, caulk, caulking gun, drop cloth, putty, putty knife, poles, masking tape, rags, and a step ladder.

Paint Preparation

Get started by removing objects in the room that would interfere with painting. This might include pictures on the wall, curtains, furniture, and small accessories. Cover up other objects in the room with drop cloths. Fill all holes or cracks on the wall with putty or caulk. Use a damp cloth or rags to clean the walls and baseboards. Tape areas around woodwork and the windows in the room. 

How to Paint a Bedroom

Get started painting your bedroom by beginning at the ceiling and working your way downward. Dip your brush half way in to the paint and shake off the excess. Hold the handle and apply light pressure to paint the surface. In order to use a roller, dip slowly in to the paint filled tray until saturated and remove excess paint over ridges in the tray. Roll using uniform strokes. Start at the ceiling, using a brush. Work the brush in to the corners. Use the roller on the walls, rolling left to right until finished.

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Find the Perfect Color for Your Project