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How To Give Your Front Door A Makeover In 3 Steps

Redoing your entire exterior may be on the top of your wish list, but this overhaul requires lots of time and money. A quick and easy fix to renovate the outside of your home is repainting your front door. You can transform the look of your home just by freshening the front door with one of these ideas for front door paint colors. It will only take three simple steps:

1. Clean your front door
2. Choose a new paint color
3. Paint your front door
That’s it! This is a project simple enough for even the most hesitant of DIY-ers. Making a choice from the many front door paint colors might be the hardest part!

Step 1: Start With A Clean Surface

The first step is to thoroughly wash your front door. The paint won’t stick or completely cover a dirty surface. Use soap and water and rinse thoroughly so that it's as fresh as it was when you first had it installed.

Step 2: Get Colorful

Next, you need to head to your local Home Depot with some front door colors in mind. Pinterest is a great source of inspiration, and so is our visualizer. Be sure to consider the style of your home, the current exterior color, and what colors bring you joy. Remember, it will be the first thing you and your visitors will notice when they pull into the driveway. 

For a bold statement, consider a bold standout red or magenta. These bright colors will immediately give your home a whole new wow factor. Lively add an energy and cheer, making all who enter your home feel welcomed. 

If bright isn’t your thing but you want something unique and modern, you can choose a vivid purple, deep indigo, or even a midnight blue. These quirky colors for front doors will give even the most traditional home a sense of whimsicality and fun. A rich, deep color will dramatically change the look of your home from boring to eye-catching.

For a more formal look, consider classic black, like Onyx Black which will add a touch of elegance and tradition to the outside of your home. Just like in your wardrobe, black is versatile and will compliment just about any style. You can't go wrong with classic and timeless colors

Step 3: Finish The Makeover

No expertise or previous skill is required. The instructions on the back of the paint can and our painting advice guides will give you all the guidance you need. Clear an afternoon in your schedule to get started and you’ll be brushing paint on your front door in no time.

A pop of color will add a feeling of freshness you didn’t know you were missing. This three-step front door makeover is a simple, but high impact way to boost curb appeal and give your home a whole new look.

To find the right paint color for your project, take a look at the link below.

Find The Right Color For Your Project