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How to Paint an Accent Wall

Use an Accent Wall to Revitalize Any Room

Color is important in any room since it helps to set the stage. One way to bring more color into your home is to use an accent wall. An accent wall is a wall painted a different color from the rest of the room. It's easy to create an accent wall in your home with a painting guide. If you are wondering how to paint an accent wall, you'll can find out here.

Picking a Wall

Start by picking out a wall. In many cases, a wall in an open area that has lots of light from other sources is a good idea. Choose a wall that your eye is pulled towards or that has interesting architectural features. Then it is time to choose a color. Many people like to go with bold colors when making an accent wall. Choose colors that stand out but can still work in almost any home like Subtle Peach, Deep Onyx, and Vintage Yellow. If that room does not get much light, consider installing a set of track lighting or a large chandelier to help bring in light.

Choosing a Paint

Next, think about the kind of paint sheen that you want. All paint has a particular ability to retain light in some way. A subtle eggshell finish can make the entire room feel softer. Shinier finishes, like semi-gloss or satin, will help add light and make the wall stand out even more. When picking out color, think about your desired effect and the type of color that appeals to you. Darker colors will stand out much more. Lighter colored accent walls can help tone down the colors in the room while still tying it together.

Starting the Process

Once you've picked out the paint color and the sheen, you’re ready to paint the accent wall. Start by taping the edges of the wall you're painting. You don't want paint on any other surface. You also want to make sure the paint is evenly spread. Start painting from ceiling down to the floor in even, long motions.

Bringing the Room to Life

You ultimately want a room that stands out and looks great. This is why so many people find creating an accent wall is a beautiful addition to their home.  The wall can help the rest of the room shine. For example, if you have minor hints of one color in that room like red, adding in that color as an accent wall is ideal. The entire room will look organized and part of an overall design scheme. A single accent wall helps tie everything in the house together. To find the right paint to use on your accent wall click the link below.

Find the Perfect Color for Your Project