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Transform Your Porch with a Simple Bench Project

Cyndy used PPG Timeless paint to refresh her outdoor bench to brighten up her ourdoor space. 

When Cyndy Aldred, a DIY blogger from the Creativity Exchange, wanted to revamp a dark and tired outdoor bench on her front porch, she turned to PPG Timeless Exterior Paint. 

Cyndy was sponsored by PPG Timeless to participate in this project, but all opinions expressed are her own.

Originally, Cyndy planned to throw away the bench and replace it with a new one.

"It had 5-7 coats of paint flaking off from over the 15 years that I had it, and it was just so beat up from our extreme Texas heat and humidity," she said.

Here is the bench before it was coated with PPG Timeless:

Instead, Cyndy decided that this would be an opportunity to put PPG Timeless to the test and see if she would like the paint. "I was especially curious to see what the finish looked like!"
Before painting, she sanded the bench from the many layers of paint flaking off.

WARNING! If you scrape, sand or remove old paint, you may release lead dust. LEAD IS TOXIC. Contact the National Lead Information Hotline at 1-800-424-LEAD, or log on to

Next, she wanted to prime the bench but, after talking with our PPG technical experts, she found out priming was unnecessary because PPG Timeless is a one-coat coverage, primer and paint all-in-one.

Cyndy was impressed that PPG Timeless paint for exterior is only available in water-based. "For those of you in Texas or extreme weather states, you know that we wouldn’t consider using anything but oil-based on our exteriors. So this really had my attention!"

Because she wanted to brighten up her bench, Cyndy chose Silver Reflection.

During the painting process, she was very surprised with the results.

"The application of the paint is just like butter," she wrote on her blog chronicling the project. "Very smooth and easy going on, and I could go over areas multiple times without getting that gummy texture on my brush and paint finish like I would normally get when I paint in 100+ degree Texas weather."

With the smooth and consistent texture of our paint, PPG Timeless paint was unlike any exterior paint she has ever used. 

Initially, she was worried when she started painting. Like most traditional exterior paints she used in the past, she normally would go through a bunch of brushes because of the heat.

"Exterior paint normally goops up in that situation when I’m painting when it’s so hot and humid," she explains.

In fact, Cyndy was able to go inside and cool off a few times during the painting project because she did not have to worry about replacing any brushes. "No new brush was needed and I could go over where I previously painted and no sludge or goop that always happens with other exterior paints."

 The paint project was completed in a few hours with one coat.

Here's what the bench looked like after:

"It was actually a joy painting because the paint is seriously so easy and smooth going on."

PPG Timeless has inspired her to take on future paint projects with our paint because of her great experience.

"If it’s this easy to apply on my bench, imagine how easy it would be hanging form a ladder painting a garage, front door or house trim. I was also thinking how much less paint would be needed for larger exterior projects. That also means less money!" 

The newly painted bench has a smooth, matte finish to it because it was painted with a satin sheen.
“It looked just like something that would take multiple coats and wax buffed for hours to achieve!" 

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