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How To Remodel A Room With An Accent Wall In Less Than A Day

Q: How do I remodel a room with an accent wall?

A: Accent walls are a cheap, easy way to make your home feel brand new. It's not hard to learn how to paint an accent wall. The bigger challenge is choosing which wall to use as the focal point in your room.

Picking the Right Room

First, choose a room in your home with a plain shape and no interesting architectural features. Or, choose a room that you wish felt bigger (or more cohesive). The accent wall will add interest to this room. It will draw the eye toward any furniture or objects that touch it, so choose a mostly bare wall to avoid overwhelming the room. A cool-colored accent wall enlarges the area; a warm color balances it.

Some accents are bold, fun, and contrasting. Ohers quietly enhance the qualities of the room. These three great accent wall paint colors will get you started on the journey to a more exciting interior.

A Taste of Teal

Totally Teal has soothing, balancing properties, and is somewhere in between blue and green. As an accent wall, it makes a room appear bigger, and a ceiling seem higher. A teal accent in the master bedroom is rich and tranquil. In the living room, the serene jewel tone makes your art and furniture look more expensive. The hue pleasantly contrasts with warm tones. Exposed brick, brass, and golden-toned wood will pop against your teal accent wall. Teal is also one of the best accent wall colors for a small bathroom. On the back wall, it makes the room appear longer.

Treating Yellow Tastefully

Yellow radiates optimism. Some might worry that the smiley-face hue is too loud for the living room. That's where an accent wall comes in. A tasteful spark of Jonquil Yellow brightens the whole room without making your study look like a school bus. Yellow is also a good accent wall color for the guest bedroom. It's the friendliest, most inviting hue. A yellow accent wall revitalizes an area that gets little natural light, making you fall back in love with the duller rooms in your house.

Brown as a Neutral Accent

An accent wall doesn't have to make a statement. In a room of off-whites and beiges, a brown accent will do the trick. Brown complements the pale neutral tones that are so common in our homes. As a darker version of these colors, it brings warmth and richness to a room. Brown projects order and stability. A brown accent wall suits a large, well-lit area. It gives the master bedroom a luxurious chocolate-dipped vibe. A single brown wall can pull together a warm-toned color scheme in any room. If you're just learning how to paint an accent wall, Le Chateau Brown is a great one.

Paint will always be the simplest way to spruce up your space. Accent wall colors can make a shadowy room feel brighter, a tiny room bigger, and a spacious room more cohesive. You'll be surprised how big of a change you can make in no time at all.

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