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Makeover Your Dining Room with One Coat of Paint

When DIY blogger Cyndy Aldred of the Creativity Exchange wanted to update her dining room, she turned to PPG Timeless. 

Cyndy was sponsored by PPG Timeless to participate in this project, but all opinions expressed are her own.

She wanted a subtle and serene paint color that would freshen up the room and make it a welcoming space.

Here is the dining room before the PPG Timeless update: 

After years of slowly remodeling her dining room, Cyndy was inspired to complete her project after discovering PPG’s Bluegrass White.

"It was exactly the color that I had envisioned for pulling this space together,” she wrote. “A perfect light blue/green/gray serene color. Bluegrass White is a very subtle color that looks so amazing on our wall.

Here is what the dining room looks like after using PPG Timeless: 

"You can really get a feel for this color by looking where the wall meets the bright white on my ceiling and trim," Cyndy wrote on her blog about the makeover reveal.

She chose to use Bluegrass White in a flat sheen for durability.

"I highly recommend using a more durable product with consistent coverage like PPG Timeless paint if you’re looking for a beautiful flat finish," she said. 

Cyndy was thrilled to use PPG Timeless paint because of its one-coat coverage in 1,000 colors and because it is a paint and primer in one with a “very rich and consistent pigmentation.”  

"I have used dual paint + primer products in the past but often times, multiple coats were still needed," she explains.

In the post about her dining room makeover, Cyndy also shares styling tips about upholstering chairs, finding artwork and replacing her old carpet with marble-alternative porcelain.

She credits PPG for inspiring her with a beautiful palette and paint to create a space they love.

"I cannot tell you just how happy I am that this room is finally finished!”

For more inspiration from Cyndy, check the before and after photos of her porch makeover using PPG Timeless Exterior. To find the right color for your dining room project please click the link below.

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