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Make Any Room Feel Bigger With This One Color Trick

Q: I have a small bedroom and I want to make it feel bigger. How can I make my space feel bigger than it is without having to remodel my home?

A: To make a room feel bigger, there are various tricks you can try that don’t require remodeling your home. Often, a room can feel small simply because of color choices made for the walls, furnishing, and/or décor. Dark colors tend to absorb light and space while neutral or light colors tend to make a room feel more spacious and bigger.

Try these small room ideas to make any space in your home feel bigger.

Trick #1

One idea for small room upgrades to make your space feel bigger is to paint your walls an off-white like Parchment White. Painting your bedroom walls off-white will help make your room feel bigger because the wall color is not absorbing much light and space. Using off-white also works well with any colored furnishing you may already have.

Trick #2

Another idea is to pick a paint color that is at least 2-3 shades lighter than your current wall color. The lighter color shade you select, the more your room will feel spacious. Even if you keep a dark color like Wild Truffle, but in a lighter shade, you can balance the room with lighter colored décor and furnishing. For example, select a bedside lamp and curtains that are creamy white if you plan to paint your walls a shade of burgundy like Old Mahogany. If you are in the process of furnishing your bedroom with new furniture, select furniture that is a lighter color. For example, select a white bed frame and side tables instead of dark brown or black. 

Trick #3

Make a room feel bigger using a neutral cream color or a soft yellow like Corn Silk or light blue like Misty Aqua for the walls. These colors can make a room feel more spacious and balance any bold colors in the room. The bedroom is your sanctuary to relax, so these color choices can help create a roomier feel for relaxation.
Any one of these small room ideas to make space feel bigger can help your room situation. No remodeling is necessary, only the right color choices. When you select a lighter color, you can achieve a more spacious and roomier feel. With these small room ideas, now any room in your home can be made to feel big, bright, and spacious.

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