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How To Give Your Outdoor Pool House A Makeover

A Unique Project for PPG Timeless

DIY blogger Cyndy Aldred of the Creativity Exchange used PPG Timeless Exterior Paint + Primer to complete her outdoor pool house project with the following steps.

1. Research and Plan

Planning an outdoor pool house project takes time, especially when selecting paint colors. Cyndy’s first step to her project was researching and finding inspiration. “I have researched, re-researched pretty much every piece of outdoor furniture and decor that you can imagine,” she said. She chose neutral, classic décor and furniture that would go with any color family. 

2. Choose a Color Palette

Choosing a color palette can be overwhelming, but fun at the same time. Think of colors that reinforce the desired feeling of the space, be it exciting, energetic, relaxing, calming, etc. Cyndy knew she wanted her outdoor pool house to feel relaxing and refreshing so she gravitated towards very light white and gray colors.

She chose a neutral paint color palette to accentuate and complete her space. “For me, it was easy because we painted the pool house Burmese Beige and the ceiling we painted Crystal Clear White,” Cyndy explained. She chose these neutral paint colors because they go with any accent color like navy, turquoise, and black. 

3. Prep and Paint

After choosing your paint colors and décor, prepare your space for painting. Remove all furniture and anything you don’t want to get paint on from your space. Clean and prime your walls before applying paint. 

For best durability, use PPG Timeless Exterior Paint + Primer in a flat sheen. This will protect your pool house and wall, while keeping the shine to a minimum. Cyndy sprayed everything with a sprayer (including all the cabinetry). The ceiling was sprayed once with Crystal Clear White and, since it was raw wood, the second coat was hand painted on. With Timeless, she only needed two coats of paint on the unfinished cedar on the pool house, athough, in her experience, this typically takes additional coats for unfinished wood.

Finally, after 24 to 48 hours of drying, her gorgeous work was complete. 

To find the right color for your next outdoor project, check out our full color selection. 


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