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3 Rustic Kitchen Colors You Will Love

An Enduring and Popular Trend

One of the most enduring and popular trends is rustic kitchen colors. These colors can make your home feel like a charming farmhouse no matter where it’s located. If you are ready to embrace this aesthetic, you can work the farmhouse look subtly or boldly in your home with these inspiring farmhouse colors.

Yellow: Warm and Bright

A creamy, buttery yellow like Spring Wisp is reminiscent of a lovely, summer day and is one of the easiest colors to incorporate in a kitchen. Darker yellows can look brassy and may overwhelm smaller rooms. Yellows pair well with counters and cabinets of virtually every material and color. Accessories in bright colors can make the room seem even lighter.

Red: Classic Farmhouse

When people think of farms and farmhouses, they often think of bright, vibrant reds like Terra Cotta Rose. Warm reds set the scene for a cheery kitchen where everyone feels welcome, and pitching in seems like second nature. Charming accessories like roosters and chickens pair well with bright reds. Crisp white curtains, lighter cabinets, and counters will keep the room from feeling overly garish.

Blue and White: A Match Made in Rustic Heaven

One of the most popular color schemes in the rustic kitchen trend is pairing a primitive or understated blue like Smoke Grey with creamy white. This color combination gives your kitchen an aged look, is perfect for walls that are not in pristine shape. The more imperfections in your kitchen, the more realistic this color combination looks. Even in a new build, you could walk into your kitchen and think you are walking back in time. Simple cabinets with chicken wire fronts and mismatched dinnerware adds to the appeal of these colors.

Rustic colors can gradually be introduced to your kitchen. Starting with a small area can be a great way to try the colors out before committing to the entire room. Or, see color in your kitchen online with our Room Visualizer.

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