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4 Colors To Instantly Give You The Modern Farmhouse Look

Bringing the Farmhouse Look to Your Home

More cozy than bohemian minimalism and more cheerful than luxury glam, the modern farmhouse look is just what home interiors need right now. The airy, easy elegance of a rustic farmhouse makes each day a peaceful Sunday morning. Natural materials, gently faded colors, and charming odds and ends create an atmosphere with the intuitive comfort of a family quilt--with some modern touches for good measure. These modern farmhouse colors are the key to tailoring the delightful trend to your own home.

White and Natural Light

White doesn't have to be stark and clinical. It's the color of a freshly painted wood fence, a clapboard country church, a classic farmhouse on a rolling field. White invites natural light to illuminate your home and make it feel bigger. Rough white textures have a quaint appeal; artfully faded and peeling white paint is a staple of the modern farmhouse trend. Softer shades of white, like Crystal Clear White give your interior a relaxed, lived-in feeling. White is timeless yet refreshing, and best of all, it goes with everything.

Green and Woodsy

Green is a fitting color for the modern farmhouse look. Evoking fields, forests, and antique copper, it's a versatile hue that looks nice anywhere. In the living room, green walls create a woodsy vibe next to a stone fireplace and wood furniture. In the bedroom, green is a comforting dose of color. Green kitchen cabinet colors, like Misty China Rain Green, strike a friendly balance between earthy and sophisticated. If you don't have acres of land in your backyard, some  green in your home will bring the nature to you.

Brown Rustic-Chic

You can't have a rustic-chic interior without brown. The rich neutral contrasts beautifully with lighter colors. If your home is not blessed with hardwood floors and cedar beams, you can use a plethora of organic browns, like Old Leather Book, to imitate the log cabin look. Brown makes it easy to follow the modern farmhouse trend. It's a cozy color that brings you back to simpler times. Just a few brown accents around the border can transform a blah space into an authentic farmhouse room.

The Reds of Americana

Red is one of the ultimate modern farmhouse colors. Yes, it's the color of a barn, but it's also a beacon of warmth and friendliness. Like a real farmhouse, red is a symbol of Americana. Done correctly, the color brightens up your home without being an eyesore. A pop of red, like Terra Cotta Rose, in a room is eye-catching and reinforces the charming vintage vibes. After all, the appeal of the rustic farmhouse isn't the sleekly curated rooms, but the homey, off-kilter touches--and they look best in red.

The farmhouse has long been a country classic, and now it's gaining ground as a hot design trend. Now, we look to the modern farmhouse--a simple, breezy aesthetic that also feels sweet and homey. Echoing its practical past, the modern farmhouse relies more on colors and materials than decorations and statement pieces. With the colors above, you can dream up your own farmhouse with modern flair.

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