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4 Great Color Choices for Kitchen Cabinets

Inviting and Modern Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Looking for a change of paint in the kitchen but not sure which color scheme to go with? There are lots of options to choose from, but if you want your kitchen to feel inviting and modern, we have four expert recommendations.

Go Green

If you want to give your kitchen a natural look, considering using a rich rustic green, like Calming Green Waters. Organic shades, such as this, won’t be too flashy or clash with other color schemes and this natural tone is relaxing and inviting. In addition, green shades are very popular in home decorating right now, so this color will keep your kitchen looking modern.

A Sea Of Blue

Another great color to use when painting kitchen cabinets is a deep blue, like Pacific Rim Blue or Rich Navy . Unlike an ocean green, navy blue is a more striking color choice, allowing your cabinets to stand out against the other elements of your kitchen. It's a particularly good option if the remainder of your kitchen is painted in other shades of blue, as they can blend together to create a relaxing, nautical atmosphere.


If your kitchen is frequently used to entertain guests, painting your cabinets in a dark, dramatic black catches the eye right away and is sure to get you compliments. Black shades are great colors for kitchen cabinets because while the shade may be eye-catching, it can blend well with many other dark paints without clashing. Black also pairs well with a white kitchen. If you're really looking to make a statement, consider using our 2018 Color Of The Year Deep Onyx in your kitchen to create a space that guests won't soon forget. 


Pink shades aren't a particularly common choice for kitchen cabinets, but when paired with other reds and pinks, or lighter shades in general, it can create a warm, inviting feel for your kitchen. Shades such as Quartz Pink go wonderfully with a mostly white kitchen, and will also stand out against modern, metallic kitchen appliances. While rose is one of the best shades, any light, unobtrusive pink shade will work, so you can also consider a salmon-colored hue.

These are just four of the better color choices to paint your cabinets. If you want to take this color selection journey into your own hands, the best advice is to find a shade that doesn't clash with the colors of your kitchen, and to consider whether you want your cabinets to stand out or blend in. Darker, dramatic colors can have an eye-catching effect, while lighter shades are usually more subtle. Choose your cabinet colors wisely and any shade can feel inviting and modern. Find the right color for your cabinets by clicking the link below.

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