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4 Perfect Colors for Your Bedroom

Choosing the best paint color for your bedroom

The bedroom is such an important part of your home. Choosing the right paint colors for bedrooms can determine the mood of the room and how rested you feel.

Perfect Pistachio

Of all the bedroom colors you can choose, a very inviting color is pale green. It’s a refreshing color that goes well with cottage decor. If you have a smaller room to decorate, a pale green like Pistachio Ice Cream is the perfect choice to maximize your space. It’s a pretty color that draws the eye along the wall and makes an amazing backdrop for classic bedroom accessories. Sheer curtains and accent pieces in a matching color turns your bedroom into a personal oasis where you can escape the stress of the outside world.

Dark Blue

When you choose a color for your bedroom, you want a shade that will instantly relax you as soon as you step into the room. When it comes to colors for bedrooms, there is nothing as relaxing as a deep shade of blue. It is the color of the sky at dusk and the shade of the ocean. It is instantly soothing when you step into a room that is reminiscent of a starry night sky. In addition to being calming, a dark shade of blue like Krimson Lake Blue makes any room appear larger, because it is hard for the eye to define the outline of the walls.


One of the trendiest paint colors for bedrooms at the moment is purple. This is a color for those with a more adventurous taste in decor. When done right, this color, traditionally reserved for royals, looks very luxurious. There are many shades of purple that make your bedroom feel like it belongs in a palace, like Lavender Cloud. You can dip your toes into this purple shade by using it as an accent wall in your bedroom, or you can go all the way by painting every wall in this sumptuous color. The only downside to having a purple bedroom is that you will want to stay in bed all day and bask in this lavish color.


White is a bedroom color that instantly brightens a room and makes it appear modern and clean. It is a versatile choice that seamlessly melds with whatever bedroom decor you choose. During the day, a white bedroom appears fresh and inviting. While at night the color blends into the shadows to become the ultimate neutral. When compared to other colors for bedrooms, none appears as bright and elegant as a classic white like Crystal Clear White.

When deciding on colors for bedrooms, you only have to decide the atmosphere you would like in your most intimate space. Whether you choose a modern look or go for a luxe, soothing atmosphere, the paint color you choose will be the important foundation on which your decor is built. To find the right color for your bedroom please click the link below.

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