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Best Exterior Color Palettes

Great Color Schemes for the Exterior of Your Home 

Thoughtful exterior color schemes can help add curb appeal to any home. Well-chosen exterior paint colors and exterior color schemes can also show off your style and bring attention to the home's beautiful details.

Slate Grey & Cream

Pairings of blue-greys and soft whites feel both sophisticated and comforting. Paint your home a warm grey like Slate Ridge to evoke slate colored waves. The grey gives it a relaxed, yet classic feel. Add in a bit of cream trim in a color like Antique White to keep the effect from feeling dated. 

Navy & Paper White

Navy is a dark color that works with smaller homes like cape cods. Paint the first story and front Sophisticated Navy to make the house appear spacious and rooted to the ground. A paper white like Marshmallow White is ideal for trim or if the house has a front porch. Use it on wooden spindles and other wood details in front.

Chocolate Brown, Cinnamon and Beige

If you have a large colonial with lots of roof lines and window, consider these exterior house colors. Shades like Cinnamon Stick are commonly used in the southwest but they're also ideal for use in other parts of the country. Use a beige trim like Country Cream as it will help create a unified look and provide contrast between the blue sky and green lawn. A deep shade of chocolate brown like Stewart House Brown is an excellent choice for your shutters.

Peach, Rose and Buttermilk

Southerners love this combination of soft colors for a home's exterior. Rather than shouting at the viewer, soft pastels help create an inviting feel that is all about warmth. Use True Peach with lots of orange tones to make any home's details pop while not overwhelming the viewer. Peach is particularly appropriate if you live in the peach state of Georgia. Quartz Pink is an ideal accompaniment on the doors and flower boxes as it provides just enough contrast. An understated shade of buttermilk yellow like Ivory Cream adds in an additional hint of pleasing color on the window panes.

Your home is yours to create to your specific tastes - use the colors you want to make it your dream home. To find the right colors for your exterior painting project please click the link below.

Find the Perfect Color for Your Project