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Fresh Living Room Colors

Make Your Living Room Feel Inviting With the Right Colors

A living room should feel welcoming the second you walk inside. One of the best ways to create this feeling is with the use of effective living room colors.


Shades of blue green have always been popular colors for living rooms. If you want your living room colors to remind you of azure skies and seas, this is the color to bring home with you. A strong variant of teal like Misty Aqua works if you want to be understated and dramatic at the same time. If you spend a lot of time in your living room hanging out with your kids and friends, this shade serves as a serene backdrop for any party, adding in an element of tranquility and relaxed calmness. Use it with pastels to help make the room feel very spring-like all year long.

Passionate Pink

Fresh fashion serves as inspiration when choosing colors for living rooms. Today's trendy crowd has embraced this sophisticated shade of pink as part of their living room color schemes. A pink like Quartz Pink is especially appropriate in the living room. The warm tones in this color are ideal if you have dark wood furniture and add a touch of softness to the room. Use this shade as part of your living room color scheme if you have an expansive space as it will help it feel cozier and encourage intimate conversations. 


A striking orange is a great conversation starter for the living room. Orange makes people feel more lively and add a sense of movement to any space. Use Sunbaked Orange in the living room if you want a space that stands out the second you walk in. The deep tones of orange pair well with other colors on the color wheel like dark blues and browns.

Linen White

Antique White has long been a favorite color for those who prefer a pleasing neutral look. White is perfect for the living room as it works well with any kind of furniture from traditional to modern. Bright white tends to be too stark and harsh on the eyes. Instead, you'll want to tone it down a bit with a white that contains shades of other colors. Linen white has a crisp, airy feel that still keeps the room feeling open and allows you to have space that has room for other colors. Use this shade in your living room to help show off bold furniture choices and exuberant accessories. A purple or bright blue sectional works nicely when set against walls painted in this beautiful shade of white.

The right use of color is vitally important. You want a living room that is all about expressing your sense of personality and style. Consider the many color choices available to you today and you'll have a living room you'll utterly adore.

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