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Great Colors For Kitchens

Choosing the Right Kitchen Color

With so many paint colors for kitchens, it can be hard to choose the right one for your home. Follow our guide below for four fun kitchen paint color options for every decorating aesthetic.

Light Grey

Contemporary kitchens are known for their clean, sleek appearances. If you want this look but also want your white counters and cabinets to stand out, try light grey walls. Husky Grey is just different enough to provide contrast without breaking up the modern feel. This shade also works as a pleasing neutral for country kitchens. 

Pastel Yellow

Kitchen colors don't have to be neutral! Sunny yellow walls give your kitchen a bright and cheery feel. Carriage Light works beautifully in smaller kitchens, making the space seem bigger and more open. This shade works best with grey and white accents to give your entire kitchen a soft, inviting vibe. 

Light Blue

Soft Cloud Blue adds a crisp and clean look to any kitchen, no matter what cabinets and counters you pick. Its soft appearance works great in farmhouse kitchens and in cute cottage kitchens. A pale blue is a good way to incorporate color into your home without looking too intense or wild. Cool kitchen colors like blues and greens tend to give the room a relaxing aura and make your kitchen look inviting. That's why a pale robin's egg blue color is great if you have anxiety about cooking or hate mornings. Eating breakfast in a cool blue kitchen will make you feel calm even if you're running late!

Warm Reds

Warm tones, especially intense red shades, are shown to stimulate the appetite. That's why red is a perfect kitchen paint color! Painted Desert Red will make any color of cabinets stand out, but looks especially amazing with white. Choose white cabinets with quaint hardware for a country cottage feel or pick sleek and shiny white cabinets without handles for a more modern look. If you're scared of painting your entire kitchen a bright shade, start with an accent wall.

The four paint colors for kitchens described above are just jumping off points for decorating your space. Decide what sort of decorating scheme you want for your kitchen and use our tips to go from there. To find the right color for your kitchen please click the link below.

Find the Perfect Color for Your Project