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Great Interior Paint Color Schemes

Choosing the Right Paint Colors for Your Home

Choosing paint colors for your home, especially interior paint colors, can be difficult given the hundreds of choices available. The right interior paint color schemes, however, can allow you to shape the atmosphere of each room in any way you desire. Here are a few suggestions for interior paint color schemes, divided into the best choices for different rooms.

The Kitchen

For the kitchen, find inspiration in traditional Tuscan colors, embracing a bit of European flair. Use a color such as Madeira Rose to bring in the colors of the wines and sauces of Italy. Accent with natural wood tones and mettalic finishes. 

Bathrooms and Bedrooms

For the bathroom, Kingfisher Blue is always a good choice. When paired with blue tiled floors, showers or countertops, it can create an aquatic feel that's immensely pleasing to the eye. Darker shades of blue can be better-suited to bathrooms with darker furniture, but no matter what kind of color scheme you're looking for, stay away from anything too strong. Choosing a deep relaxing color like Kingfisher Blue is great for bathrooms in almost any style of home.

Where bedrooms are concerned, darker colors are best. Approaching Storm is a timeless choice, as it looks lush and comforting in any bedroom, but if you don't want to go with blue, a burgundy red can have a similar effect. Brighter reds and blues, however, can be a bit too striking in a bedroom, which should be painted in soft, comforting tones. Likewise, brighter colors like yellow are also ill-suited.

Other Rooms

When choosing interior paint colors for other rooms, the best rule of thumb is to match shades to the furniture in the room. When you want certain pieces to stand out, contrast them to the color scheme of the room, using brighter colors to stand out against a darker room and vice versa. For communal spaces like living rooms, softer tones like Roma Haze Grey, light blue or white are a safe choice to create a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. If you're looking for darker, warmer tones, deep ruddy browns like Old Mahogany will make any living room seem like a great place to relax.

The best way to choose paint colors for your home is to find a color scheme that speaks to the atmosphere you desire. Avoid anything eye-catching in the bedroom or bathroom, and paint communal spaces in soft, comforting tones, with the eye drawn to whatever furniture you want guests to see. As long as you keep the atmosphere you're looking for in mind and match colors to furniture, you should have no problem finding a great color scheme for any room in your home. To find the right paint colors for your home please click the link below.

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