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Reviving Your Bathroom Space

Finding the Right Bathroom Colors for You

If you’re looking to freshen your bathroom with a new paint job, the sheer number of color options can be overwhelming. Before you get frustrated with your search, consider these colors for a space you’ll love for years.


Neutral bathroom colors are timeless and will afford you more creativity with fixtures. Dove White is more interesting than the typical eggshell white, and works beautifully with a tight space that may not have much natural light. Pair vintage-inspired cabinets for a tranquil look, but steer clear of anything overly modern or industrial, which may seem cold. Light gray is modern enough to counteract décor that might otherwise look dated. The most important thing to remember when selecting a grey paint is to choose a tone that is light enough to keep the room open, but dark enough that it doesn't look like a dirty white. Keeping your ceiling molding or baseboards bright white will help distinguish the grey as a separate color.

Baby Blue

For a color that goes easily with every space, a gentle baby blue never fails. Wild Blue Yonder, for example, can be as neutral as white in terms of fixture choices, and can instantly change a boring room into a calming and relaxing oasis. To really elevate your blue bathroom, look for simple, elegant installations. If you've always wanted a claw-foot bathtub, consider this your perfect excuse to buy one. This airy color is also ideal for a bathroom without a natural light source, or to open up a cramped half bath.


Classic seashore themed bathroom colors will always be in style, but for a more up-to-date spin, try a light sea green or teal paint. Caribbean Teal is perfect for a serene, spa-like atmosphere, especially if you love to decorate with seashells. Because the color is a mix of green and blue, the color scheme can play up either undertone for different effects. Blue and pink fixtures contrast the green for a soft interior that is feminine without being overbearing; green and yellow bring out the blue for a brighter and more unisex appeal.

Citrus Green

If you’re interested in a more modern feel, a bright, citrus-y green can light up a bland room. In a bathroom with an east-facing window, the glow of morning sunshine just might replace your cup of coffee! This is a daring choice; if you’re not totally confident in your design eye, keep to neutral cabinet and fixture colors. With a bright color like Lemongrass, ultra-modern and minimalist pieces can help keep the room from being overwhelming or eccentric. For the bold, muted tropical prints can add some fun, on-scheme personality.

Depending on the size of your space, light colors are always a safe bet. For larger, more open floor plans, dark colors can be an interesting, trendy style choice. To find the right color for your room please click the link below.

Find the Perfect Color for Your Project