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The Scandinavian Palette

A minimalist style using clean lines and simple accents

The Scandinavian palette goes perfectly with polished silver, brushed gold or black fixtures. It's a great choice if your home incorporates natural wood, brick, or tile finishes, or leans toward heavy use of whites and layered neutrals. Try accenting this look with faux furs and natural fibers or live plants and abundant natural light.

The Living Room

Refresh your living room with Basic Beige on the walls and Cloud Motif Grey and Parchment White decor.

The Kitchen

Update your kitchen with Silver Clamshell on the walls and Parchment White cabinets.

The Bedroom

Give your bedroom a new look with Approaching Storm on the walls and decor in Satin Gold and Parchment White.

The Colors

Experience the full Scandinavian palette below.

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