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Five Relaxing & Alluring Bedroom Colors

A good guide for bedroom color schemes is to begin by deciding the colors that are most likely to give you a good night's sleep. In the science of colors, blue, dusty rose, pale lavender or grey are all good choices for a relaxing bedroom.

Add Subtle Drama

Contemporary bedroom color schemes lean toward subtle drama that has eye appeal. If this is your personal preference, color schemes of delicate coral, vanilla and lime offer hues that contrast subtly and add a light sense of drama.
In this color scheme, walls should be painted in a bold neutral such as Marshmallow White. Then accessorize with a light lime green for a bit of lively drama. This is an especially accommodating color scheme for bedrooms with low lighting. Choose your bedroom color scheme so it adapts to all seasons of the year or be innovative and dabble in colors that spotlight special seasons, if you find regular change encourages sleep.

Appeal to Inner Personality 

Bedroom colors should appeal to the inner personality. For example, if you are more of the seafaring type, you may choose to wrap yourself in colors of the sea like Caribbean Teal, or try seashell mosaic blues, purples and yellows. Bedroom color schemes can be as flexible and innovative as your preferences allow.

Offering Elegance

Grey, lavender and aubergines, a purple as deep as that of an eggplant, marry nicely for elegant bedroom decor. When trying to balance your color choices, keep darker colors at base levels to give the bedroom colors balance.

There are several shades of lavender that accent a gray like Moonlight Rendezvous. When you add aubergines or Delicious Plum to these two colors in your bedroom, you create a regal effect. If you want to add a little more sparkle to your bedroom, a few bits of silver lame do this nicely.

Finding Your Own Way

Try matching your mood with your color schemes. If you are most comfortable in nature, try the colors of the forest in your bedroom - Earth Brown or Deep Mossy Forest
Then again, if you find yourself yearning for an expensive look, nothing beats a classic gold accented by a golden yellow like Hurricane Lamp Glow. Introducing a pattern into your bedding will help add visual interest to the room.

No matter which of the color schemes you choose for your bedroom, it can be an expression of you. Choose colors which reflect the person you are inside, or the person you want to be. To find the right color for your bedroom please click the link below.

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