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The Warm Welcome Palette

Make a warm welcome with these colors

PPG Color Experts want to make your project a success. You don't need to be an interior designer to create a warm and welcoming space for your house guests. Discover these interior paint colors that will help make anyone who stays with you feel right at home.

Try Approaching Storm, Celery Garden, Violet Blusher, or Meeting House White in your next painting project. 

Approaching Storm

This deep sophisticated blue tone is perfect for an accent in a study. Pair with light greyed walls and golden woodtones in furniture.

Celery Garden

This fresh spring green creates an energetic atmosphere for a kitchen. Liven the space by adding white accents in cabinetry.

Violet Blusher

A lovely violet is perfect for a main wall in a bedroom. Contrast the tone with white trim and soft cream furnishings.

Meeting House White

A very light beige is perfect for a main wall. Pair earth inspired colors like rusts, and sage greens.

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