Leanne Ford, the interior designer behind the HGTV home renovation show “Restored by the Fords,” is joining her passion for color and design with paint and color expertise from PPG. Kicking off her color collaboration with PPG, Ford handpicked three colors in her signature hue, white, from the PPG paint color palette at THE HOME DEPOT® stores and built custom paint color palettes that can offer inspiration & reassurance to homeowners trying to select the right shades of color for their homes.

Natural White & The Bohemian Palette

Mixing is more important than matching in the bohemian palette, which represents a real sense of artistry in the color selection. Natural White offers a non-competing background or anchor color in a bohemian-inspired room where Hispanic and Asian influences can also be seen in tightly packed patterns on textiles, artisanal weaving or mosaics. The warm colors in this palette together create a richness in self expression.


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Colors Featured In This Palette:  Natural White (50YY 83/029), Clay Pot (50YR 21/318), Autumn Blush (80YR 26/323), Peking Orange (60YR 24/439), Londonderry Coral (60YR 43/225), 
Cognac Brandy (20YY 40/337), Artist’s Copper (70YR 17/260), King’s Ransom Gold (30YY 42/337), Tomahawk Red (90RR 11/257), Pompeii Clay (60YR 33/287)

Pure White & The Modern Palette

With Pure WhitePPG Timeless® Out-of-the-Can White, as a dominant color, this palette evokes a sense of calm, silence and space in a very cluttered and distracted world. Colors like black, navy and gunmetal act as anchors to give the room weight and a modern flair, while softer khaki and rose pink accent colors add lightness and breathe a more fresh feeling into the palette.


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Colors Featured In This Palette: Pure White (PPG Timeless® Out-of-the-Can White)Grey Tabby (00NN 16/000), Grey Metal (00NN 10/000), Crisp Linen White (61YY 89/040), 
Sand White (30YY 58/082), Royal Navy (50BB 10/112), Brushwood Tan (20YY 31/106), Raw Twine (30YY 72/097), Delightful Pink (50RR 83/029), Onyx Black (00NN 05/000)

White On White & The Cool, Earthy Palette

The cool, earthy palette exudes a natural feeling and leans on White on White to create a contrast, providing visual relief to the bolder, deeper hues. This palette goes beyond just the appearance of nature to convey how each element makes us feel, from earth to ocean to sky.


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Colors Featured In This Palette: White on White (30GY 88/014), Night Watch (PPG1145-7), Pacific Pines Sage (90YY 35/169), European Olive (70YY 18/220), Totally Teal (30BG 16/133), 
Global Waters (50BG 11/123), Burnt Bark (30YY 08/082), Artichoke Leaf (70YY 34/180), Monterey Cliffs (10YY 14/080), Smoked Turquoise (30BG 23/124)

The Perfect Paint Color Palettes

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