PPG Timeless Paint Product Details


The Toughest, Most Wear Resistant Finish is comprised of Scrubbability, Stain Resistance, Burnish Resistance and Adhesion. 

o You can count on PPG Timeless to look and stay beautiful even after repeated scrubbings. 
o Accidents happen. So PPG Timeless is formulated to resist stains, making them easy to remove. 
o You won’t have to worry about shiny or polished imperfections from washing your walls. PPG Timeless is burnish resistant. 
o You can feel confident in your work, knowing that PPG Timeless adheres to the most difficult surfaces. 


The Best Resistance to Extreme Weather is comprised of Dirt Resistance, UV Resistance and Cyclic Environmental Testing. 

o Keep your home’s exterior clean by relying on the dirt resistance of PPG Timeless. 
o PPG Timeless provides UV resistance, allowing your exterior surface to stay beautiful and protected. 
o The tough finish of PPG Timeless provides peace of mind, knowing that it resists cracking and peeling, even under the most extreme temperature and moisture conditions.